Pure Hydro


PUREHYDRO is a superb treatment combining Ultra Sound and Radio Frequency technologies with Vacuum Suction, Oxygenation, Aqua Micro-Dermabrasion, Cryotherapy, Micro-Current and Lymphatic Drainage.  Together, these aspects create a "Super Facial" suitable for all skin types. The PUREHYDRO is designed to remove dead skin cells, deep cleanse, oxygenate, tighten, brighten, lift and firm the complexion. Fire and Ice elements open and close the pores, with Infusion for moisturising and hydrating the skin. With no down time and immediate visible results this is a Red Carpet celebrity favourite !

  • Super Facial (90-120 mins) £120 / Crs of 6 £648

    This "Super Facial" combines all 8 of the PureHydro modalities giving the ultimate beauty experience. The procedure will deep cleanse, exfoliate, boost collagen, elastin & hydration, bring oxygen into the complexion, brighten, tighten, tone and lift.

  • Pure Peel (60 mins) £120 / Crs of 6 £648

    Suitable for Sensitive, Normal & Combination skins, this treatment is the ultimate for deep cleansing. It temporarily opens pores to allow the removal of impurities, debris and dead skin cells whilst exfoliating and refining the complexion. Skin is left deeply hydrated and nourished.

  • Pure Infusion (40 mins) £100 / Crs of 6 £540

    Using Ultrasound, High Level Sound Waves of 100-300 Million vibrations per second act like ‘Crunches’ for the face! These sound waves also deeply penetrate the skin allowing efficient product infusion of skin serums & creams. Cell renewal is promoted resulting in improved elasticity, firmness and circulation. A great treatment for all skins, particularly mature or those worried about laxity.

  • Pure Lift (60 mins) £100 / Crs of 6 £540

    In this treatment, collagen is stimulated by using RF (Radio Frequency) which penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. Lifting and defining of the face, neck and jawline is the objective. Wrinkles and fine lines are targeted, and the complexion is left smoother & tighter. This treatment can also be applied to the cellulite on the body.

  • Pure Glo (40 mins) £100 / Crs of 6 £540

    This treatment uses an all-in-one system to stimulate natural oxygenation. Known as the ‘BOHR ‘effect, expected results include skin firming, plumping & hydrating. Skin volume is improved along with texture and tone, leaving a refreshed, bright and supple complexion.

  • Pure Oxy (40 mins) £100 / Crs of 6 £540

    A nourishing element whereby highly concentrated molecules of oxygen infused with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and botanical extracts are applied to the skin. Nourishing, hydrating, promotes collagen, freshens, brightens and tightens. An excellent mini treat for all skin types.

  • Pure Fire & Ice (45 mins) £120 / Crs of 6 £648

    Using Cryotherapy, skin is heated to open pores, deeply exfoliate and remove impurities. Increased blood circulation aids the deep penetration of serums and absorption of nutrients. A cooling system then chills the skin resulting in a firming and tightening effect. A super treatment for all skins or those with enlarged/ blocked pores requiring skin rejuvenation effects.

  • Express Anti-Ageing Facial (30 mins) £50 / Crs of 6 £270

    A mini treat for those concerned with the effects of ageing.

  • Express Cleanse & Hydrate (30 mins) £50 / Crs of 6 £270

    A mini treat for those requiring a squeaky clean, hydrated complexion.

  • Express Clear Facial (30 mins) £50 / Crs of 6 £270

    A mini treat for those suffering from hormonal or acneic breakouts. Skin is left calm, balanced, deeply cleansed and hydrated.

  • RF Eye Lift (20 mins) £40 / Crs of 6 £215

    This Treatment uses RF (Radio Frequency) to refine and tone the delicate skin around the orbital area.

  • Pure Lift Body (60 mins) £100 / Crs of 6 £540

    Reduce the orange peel look of cellulite using Radio Frequency to dissolve fat and tighten the skin.