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Menopausal Skincare Menopausal Skincare
For many women, symptoms of the menopause can be more than challenging.
As it affects women mentally, physically AND emotionally, stress levels, hot flushes, anxiety and lack of quality sleep are just some of the very many (!) menopausal concerns.
Skin changes such as dryness, sensitivity, pigmentation and even changes in skin texture and tone can become evident, creating laxity.
There are also the horrid hormonal breakouts that some ladies experience (adult acne) can be a lot to cope with.
My job is to recognise these changes in my clients complexions and to advise which procedures and products are best suited to them.
The first step is to aknowledge that as skin changes occur, needs also change, and using the correct products and treatments for your unique skin type and concerns is vital.
There are many in salon treatments that can improve the skin to boost collagen and elastin production, fade pigment, hydrate and balance and even remove unwanted facial hair.
However, investing in an AM-PM skincare routine at home provides the oppertunity to show some self care, some love and mindfulness to oneself.
Part of our consultation process is to find out about YOU and what you need, and this is particulary true when devising a skincare routine at home.
If you would like assistance to do this, or would like to book a consultation to discuss menopausal skin comcerns, get in touch. You can DM, Text or WhatsApp.
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